never too old
for sprinkles
& sugar cones 

We bake for any occasions, any theme & any flavours. 


fine dessert

Our journey for fine dessert has brought us to experimenting more flavours combinations, ingredients, and even presentations. We offer specially designed dessert experience for private booking or special arrangement. 


cake for the special day

Wedding, anniversary, birthday or any occasion that you're celebrating, we are happy to bake something tailored to your celebrations & even flavours to your preference. Fine finishing according to your theme to complete your celebration.


freshly baked cakes

No, you don't have to wait for celebration to have cakes! ÉNFD offers a line of freshly baked cakes upon order*. Check out our cake list and we will be updating our cake list from time to time, so make sure you are here to check them out! 

*check with us for availability & arrangement
*note that some of our cakes contained alcohol



PERfonalised gift

Door gift for any events & wedding plays a part to complete the memory for your special day. We offer bespoke door gift for any occasion and they will be completely personalised with branding.